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Introducing Kat Everitt

Judith Mehl's handwriting analysis stories feature a feisty woman sleuth, Kat Everitt, with a passion for sporting designer shoes and solving murders. Kat's experiences resonate with humor as she wields handwriting analysis to narrow the field of suspects.

In this new series, Judith employs handwriting analysis tips to launch each chapter and encourage readers to ponder their own handwriting characteristics---and those of their friends.

Game, Set, Murder cover

Game, Set, Murder

In this second book of the series, Game, Set, Murder, Kat Everitt pinpoints the killer of a tennis tournament manager through handwriting analysis. The killer fears discovery and attacks Kat to deter her from pursuit in this mystery on a university campus in the Pocono Mountains. The journey takes the readers through the foibles of university life and tennis mania, and introduces them to some unforgettable characters, like Rita Mae Dobbs, septuagenarian frog collector, and Artie, the alligator.

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Formula for Murder cover

Formula for Murder

Formula for Murder, introduces Kat Everitt, a seasoned amateur sleuth who uses handwriting analysis to hunt suspects in the murder of a professor in the Pocono Mountains. Someone who spends as much time choosing between her Italian pumps and anklestrap court shoes as she does solving crimes, Kat quietly sifts through the quirky personalities and private lives of people who will do anything to guard a secret. Throughout this fast-paced, character-driven mystery, rife with alarming car chases, phantom callers, and obelisks dark with doom, Kat searches for the truth.

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About Judith Mehl

Judith's past experience includes years in higher education publications and public relations positions. A graduate of Northern Illinois University with a bachelor's degree in journalism she has published numerous newspaper and magazine articles prior to her move to fiction writing.

She is a member of the American Association of Handwriting Analysts, and past editor of the organization's journal. She supports the use of handwriting analysis as a valuable diagnostic tool in personal selection, marriage counseling, crime detection, vocational guidance, and business compatibility. This includes appreciating the nuances involved in solving real-world crime through handwriting's negative traits and innocent attributes.

Her non-fiction works are peppered with gardening and medicinal herb information. Her fictitious students, faculty, and staff are colored with the quirks of her real life world. She lives in the mountains where she explores the medicinal value of plants and their relationship to the environment.

Judith welcomes comments from readers and fans. Reach her by .

Kat Everitt's Notes

Kat Everitt, the protagonist in the handwriting analysis series which begins with Formula for Murder, provides these weekly tidbits for you to contemplate.

Careful study by a certified analyst is required to develop a full profile of a personality, but some characteristics stand out like a zebra in a lions den. Showing these particular traits increases the risk that someone will act accordingly, but not the certainty. Enjoy these tidbits and tease your friends.

Straight strokes on the lower end of letters such as 'g,' q,' or 'y, reveal stamina, and staying power.
The downward slanted T-bar can indicate cruel and sulky; also heaviness on the right side of the t-bar means this person can hide brutality in the beginning but it can be prompted at a moment's notice. Seen sometimes in resentful people.
A large squared lower case letter "d" can be a sign of paranoia; represents a fragile ego and requires walking as if on eggshells around the writer's personality.
The gap between letters, viewed on their own, can mean a wide variety of feelings, including irritation, lack of adaptability or fear of the future.
Clear spacing throughout a script, with an easy, flowing style denotes organization and inner strength.
Certain characteristics of a person's handwriting do not change after that person reaches graphic maturity-around 18-20 years old, until much later in life when ill health may affect writing.
The maniacal 'd" can be a sign of criminality, coupled with several other traits. It is the leaning to the extreme right of the letter "d", especially more rightward than the rest of the writing. It connotes a tenuous self-esteem that can cause emotional eruptions.
Signs of professional American women of high achievement:
  • Watch for a free hand that is unrestrained bordering on the pretentious.
  • Letter shapes that conform to the Palmer system but with all accessories that hamper speed stripped away.
  • Wide spaces between letters which indicate free self-assertion.
Parts of letters that jut out beyond their expectable limits may represent bursts of excessive self-assertion offsetting moments of self devaluation.
If you write with a small middle zone (those letters resting on the baseline) you may tend to underrate yourself.
Irregular spacing between words can be a sign of emotional stability. If the behavior is like the writing, the person is unpredictable from one moment to the next.
Some writing presents itself with the letters spilling out beyond their allotted bounds. It can be impulsiveness, inner unrest, or emotional confusion. More analysis is required to find the answer.
A markedly narrow arcade denotes an inhibited person. In graphology, one of the connective forms is the arcade, which means there is an arch where the letters connect.
The writer who uses arcades is mostly concerned with appearance. It can be anyone from a moral or social bigot to an artist.

News and Events

Judy Mehl explains handwriting analysis

Judith Mehl explains the implications of a visitor's handwriting at the Monroe County Book Expo in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, which was sponsored by the Associated Libraries of Monroe County.

Handwriting Key to Clues in New Mystery Series
GameSetMurder_162 (13K)

Just a brief sample of your handwriting might get you off the hook for a murder. Or make you a prime suspect.

That's what Katharine Everitt believes, and she should know: she's a well-respected amateur sleuth who just can't resist the chance to solve a nice, juicy -- and totally fictional -- murder.

Kat Everitt is the creation of Judith Mehl, of Henryville, Pa.. Mehl's expertise in handwriting analysis becomes an important tool for her character in the new mystery series. "Formula for Murder," released by Pennystone Books in June, and "Game, Set, Murder, released in November. Mehl adds a new twist in fictional crime solving for suspenseful mystery buffs.

In Formula for Murder, the heroine becomes involved in the murder of a secretive chemistry professor at a fictional university in the Poconos. She drives the investigating police crazy, finds romance with a mysterious stranger, and naturally works through a thicket of danger and suspense while she sifts through clues.

The book has received positive reviews from the handwriting analysis community as well as from fans: "This is my favorite kind of thriller, fast paced, romantic and filled with humor. I mean, you've got to love a sleuth with a shoe fetish, right?" Another writes, "In Formula for Murder the author builds the suspense, mingled with romance and wit. The graphology adds an intriguing twist. I look forward to following Kat in her next adventures. This is a series that's got me hooked."

In the second book of the series, "Game, Set, Murder," Kat Everitt pinpoints the killer of a tennis tournament manager by screening suspects, again, through handwriting analysis. The killer fears discovery and attacks Kat to deter her from pursuit in this mystery on the same university campus as the first book. The journey, fraught with tension, takes the readers through the foibles of university life and tennis mania, and introduces new, unforgettable characters. It has received great reviews. Here's one that says it all:

"Mehl set high expectations with her debut with "Formula for Murder" and surpassed them with her second novel "Game Set Murder." I was excited to see Katharine Everitt return as the main character. Everitt is well established as quick witted, intelligent and aptly fashioned. I enjoyed the ride as much as the discovery of the whodunit.

She creates vivid scenes with brilliant word choice but never drowns the reader in verbosity. She maintained her stronghold on the unique twist of handwriting analysis as a refreshing method to solve the murder. Mehl's use of engaging characters, witty dialogue and smart style of storytelling adds up to another novel winner. She graced the "dainty side of death" with "Game Set Murder" and I'm anxiously awaiting the next Everitt adventure."


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