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Just a brief sample of your handwriting might get you off the hook for a murder. Or make you a prime suspect. That's what Kat Everitt believes, and she should know: she’s a well-respected amateur sleuth who just can't resist the chance to solve a nice, juicy—and totally fictional—murder.

Judith Mehl's handwriting analysis stories feature this feisty woman, with a passion for sporting designer shoes and solving murders. Kat’s experiences resonate with humor as she wields writing samples to narrow the field of suspects. In this series, Judith employs handwriting analysis tips to launch each chapter and encourages readers to ponder their own handwriting characteristics—and those of their friends.

Game, Set, Murder cover

Book 1, Formula for Murder

Formula for Murder, introduces Kat, who uses handwriting analysis to hunt suspects in the murder of a secretive chemistry professor at a fictional university in the Poconos. She drives the investigating police crazy, finds romance with a mysterious stranger, and naturally works through a thicket of danger and suspense while she sifts through clues. In her search she examines the quirky personalities and private lives of people who will do anything to guard a secret. Throughout this fast-paced, character-driven mystery, rife with alarming car chases, phantom callers, and obelisks dark with doom, Kat searches for the truth, and solves the murder.

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Formula for Murder cover

Book 2, Game, Set, Murder

In this second book of the series, Game, Set, Murder, Kat pinpoints the killer of a tennis tournament manager, again through handwriting analysis. The killer fears discovery and attacks Kat to deter her from pursuit in this mystery on a university campus. The journey takes the readers through the foibles of university life and tennis mania, and introduces them to some unforgettable characters, like Rita Mae Dobbs, septuagenarian frog collector, and Artie, the alligator.

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The third book is well underway but the title of this book is up to fans to name. Below is a brief synopsis of the book to come. Keeping in mind that the title needs to include the word, “Murder,” will you provide a snazzy title? The winner will win a copy of the new book.

Kat Everitt, the handwriting analysis sleuth, teams up with fellow gardeners to uncover a killer. A bouquet of flowers, a handwritten note and a hidden meaning grace the victims’ homes. Is the killer a crazed developer, a Bittersweet Herb customer or employee, or a shady character from the past? Can Kat pinpoint the killer by analyzing the written clues, while the best local herbalists decipher the sinister meanings behind the flowers in time to prevent a third murder?