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Discussion questions

Lizzie’s vacation at an herbal conference seemingly fits into her new life style of dealing with the benefits of herbs. How does this go awry?

What difficulties does she have fitting into life in the states after being away so long?

What is Lizzie’s underlying motive to pursue the killer?

An expert reader of people, and danger, Lizzie still discovers there is more to learn when she has connections to the victims. How does she deal with this?

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Book Excerpts

Lizzie Confronts An Enemy

In her hidden position, she eavesdropped on the one-sided conversation. Her jaw firmed as vulgar language reverberated around her. How loud it it must be for poor Natalie. Putting my past behind me will be trickier than I thought, gun or not. Asking for God’s help, before I think violence, would be more in keeping with this gentle, herbal way of living.

She repositioned her weight to peek around the corner. Not sure why she bothered with stealth. This man locked onto diatribe and couldn’t see past his anticipated profit. Still, her silent monitoring left Natalie in control, though her friend spoke little. Lizzie would let the brim fire burn down before she made a stand, but this volcanic menace evidently had limitless fuel for his anger—like a life’s worth.

Get a grip. The man’s trying to sell some herbal stuff. How bad can he be? Remember, new world, new rules. On the other hand, his vicious onslaught ratcheted up. She bit her lip. Please Lord, help my friend. I’m ready as back-up. This guy truly needs to be put down, but I promise I won’t kill him.

The man slapped a huge palm on the counter, snapping her out of her monologue with God. He bellowed at Natalie, “People like you ought to be shot.”

Enough. Maybe God was out on break. The man was dangerous, at least verbally. Natalie was saddled with this self-absorbed vendor. Enough of his vile language. Lizzie struck. She stepped into sight to bark,I’m trying to be nice here, but if you keep going I’ll tear your vile tongue out.” Her words sliced sharp and more lethal than his. It took years to hone her skills. You missed civility by a bit there, Lizzie. Try again.

She dialed it down. “We don’t talk filthy around here.” Her friend turned but Lizzie saw the smile she attempted to hide. She refocused on the man who’d just become her enemy.

He snarled, “What the hell?” His harangue froze when he saw her. He unbent his threatening stance, eyes widening.

Humph, I bet he didn’t expect an old woman who sounded like a drill sergeant.

His train of thought sidetracked only for a minute. He gestured toward Natalie.

“This dumb broad needs to change the location of my booth. Right now. What business is it of yours?”

Lizzie reached into her pocket. She’d worn a long skirt to blend with the conference theme of living naturally. It brought her back to the earth movement days. But now, the deep pocket served a deceptive purpose as she pressed a couple of fingers forward.

Maybe I could just break his arm if he gets worse; no gun needed. It wouldn’t delay the conference, would it? Breathe. Use your words, Lizzie.

“Dagnabbit! Clamp shut the foul mouth,” she said. “What’s her business is my business.”

He withered.

Wow. My words worked. Or he fears I’m . . . Read more